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The Panther Pup Engine


This is a 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, air-cooled gasoline engine that can be made in brass or aluminum. It has 1” bore 7/8” stroke. Length 12” width 7”. Ignition is battery, coil, and spark plug. The finished engine weighs 18 pounds in brass and 8 pounds in aluminum. The construction book is 8 ½” x 11”, paper bound, and has 65 pages. All drawings are full size.



Panther Pup Construction Book
$22.00 + $4.00 S & H

Panther Pup Castings

Panther Pup

The book starts with making 4 wood patterns. However, if you prefer to buy the castings I offer them in aluminum. There are 4 castings in a set. These are big husky sand castings that allow plenty of metal for machining. If you feel unsure of your skills or equipment to build this engine then just order the book. You can study the plans and order the castings later


4 Aluminum Castings $175.00 + $15.00 S & H

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